The cornerstone of the approach that Onomia proposes is an innovation born from many years of research: ontoterminology.

“Terminology whose notional system is a formal ontology, distinguishes between and puts into play both semiotic systems – the linguistic system and the conceptual system – which make up all terminology. It insists, on one hand, on the importance of the epistemological principles that govern the conceptualization of a field – this is the original definition of ontology – and on the other, on the necessity of a scientific approach to terminology whereby the expert plays a key role – this represents more recent definitions of ontology. Finally, ontoterminology insists on researching the “right words” (standardized terms) and on identifying terms in use that correspond with the conceptual model and specialized discourses, while distinguishing between the formal definitions of the concepts (logical specifications) and the definitions of the terms in natural language (linguistic explanations)”

(Roche Christophe (2008) : “Terms and concepts: foundations of an ontoterminology”, Proceedings from the first TOTh conference 2007, “Terminology & Ontology: Theories and applications”, Christophe Roche éd., Annecy, Institut Porphyre, pp 1-22, Annecy, 1st June 2007).

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