Terminology Operationalization
Onomia’s terminology operationalization solution enables organizations to gain access to their knowledge through the construction of consensual, shareable, reusable, coherent and computational modelling.
Ontologization of Reference Data
Onomia’s ontologization of reference data solution enables organizations to restore previously lost knowledge through the structuring of existing data.
Knowledge Mapping
Onomia’s knowledge mapping solution enables organizations to access their knowledge through maps that have been specifically adapted to their needs.


We provide the following solutions to offer an answer to your knowledge management issues:

  • Knowledge Mapping
  • Ontologization of Reference Data
  • Terminology Operationalization

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Onomia assist our clients in their efforts to develop their expertise in order to:

  • Develop their intellectual heritage
  • Train their colleagues
  • Improve communication

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Onomia offer innovative products to meet the needs of our clients:

  • Dedicated tools
  • Integration services
  • Specific projects

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In brief…

Onomia’s unique approach creates a synergy from the combined skills of a multidisciplinary team with a strong background in linguistics, artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences and logic.

Onomia’s expertise is recognized in the field of knowledge and terminology engineering through the lectures, publications and training provided by the members of the team.

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What are customers are saying…

At last we have a global view of our essential knowledge. We can now better develop our expertise.

Onomia’s maps helped us to identify new areas for innovation.

Onomia succeeded in getting our experts to talk, come to a consensus and thus restore some knowledge that had been lost.

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